The ocean, the beach, coffee, food and friends = our life philosophy.

We’re all about creating a cafe we’d love to come and eat at with friends.  Our communal dining style connects people with food and each other.

We offer whole, authentic, good food. The kind of food that makjes you happy.

Everything is from local suppliers and producers, and we have a connection with every person who works with us. Our portions are generous, and our prices are great.

We’ve also made sure there is something for everyone: whether you eat everything, you’re paleo, vegetarian, sugar free, dairy free, nut free or gluten free. We even offer the widest variety of milk in Coogee to enjoy with your coffee, tea, smoothies or granola – full fat cow, lite cow, skinny cow, coconut, soy, macadamia and almond milk.

Our food is created simply and fresh each day. There’s no processing here – even our sauces, dressing and marinades are made from scratch. Our burger meats are made from fresh, pasture raised beef and all of our poultry and eggs are free range.

Got a sweet tooth? Check out our wide range of daily cakes and pastries – our raw cakes, muffins and brownies are super popular and sell out every weekend!

We love to create new dishes so if you’re after something in particular, changes are we can create it for you.

Oh, and we are dog and kid friendly too 🙂